IMPLANT, 2015.

Implant is a project of intervention in the geology of Denver and Mexico City based on an exchange of soil between the two cities. A kind of surgery on Earth that explores the confluence of two time scales: geological time as a sediment in the subsoil and human time scale which shows a radical impact on the planet. Through an inquiry into the relationship of humans to Earth, this land exchange is based on the language and technique of geological exploration, which involves mineral samples known as cores. These samples are archives of time, and a language themselves, a means for the study and interpretation of geological time and classification of matter.

Implant is a working process based on two perforations 100 feet deep, one in Denver and one in Mexico City, recovering core samples. This process involves techno-scientific knowledge, instruments and legal procedures for export and import of soil between the two countries. Cores were transported to be implanted into the remaining well in the other city.

Implant / A project for the Biennial of the Americas
Supported by Bonfils Stanton Foundation
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